Twenty One Signs That You Are Easily Overwhelmed (and a little bit nuts)

blog overpacking

1) You over plan and over pack for everything (I think I like this sweater right now, but what if I wake up and have separation anxiety for my favourite comfy sweater.. )

(She’ll probably have a hair straightener but we’ll bring mine in case.. and a hair brush and 3 different hair serums)

[Sunscreen, tylenol, 3 pairs of shoes, a comfy outfit and a feel good outfit (for both cold, in-between, and warm weather)]

Wait …

I know it’s only one night but I might need my deep conditioner if there’s some freak accident where a bird poops on my head and I need a shower.

2) Going somewhere without a planned ride home or place to stay is not an option and your friends hate you for it.

3) The littlest bit of stress leaves you utterly exhausted and incapable of completing anything, therefore you must take a nap (spooning with a miniature poodle on the couch today comes to mind).

4) If you forgot to pack a few bottles of water, you simply can’t go.

5) If you feel the slightest bit nauseous, you also will not be making an appearance.

blog bra off in for night

6) You are a little bit OCD about everything and must show people the way you usually do something because watching them is making your eye twitch.

7) Driving anywhere on a highway stresses you out and you would much rather take a back road. You also do not like following friends on said highway. Back roads only. That way you can go at your own pace rather than be starring in fast and furious  hyperventilating.

8) Doing a few errands tires you out so you try not to overbook yourself immediately afterwards.

10) When you are stressed out, trying to make you laugh via tickling will result in a knee to the groin. Any joking can also result in the grumpy cat face so it’s better to not.

11) If you can’t find something you were looking for (your favourite shirt, your phone charger) the day is ruined and so is everyone else’s around you.

12) Going somewhere for the first time (new job, new friends house, arriving first somewhere), makes you incredibly nervous as over-planning/overthinking will not help you now.

blog anxiety

13) When someone is teaching you something, you have too many questions that they become more overwhelmed than you were (the brave family members that tutored me in math).

14) You are always thinking of the what-ifs that people just want you to sit down, shut up, and have a drink so that you don’t over-plan.

15) This turtle reminds you of yourself.

blog don't have to talk turtle

16) Having to wake up for something results in you waking up every hour all night because you fear that your alarm will not go off.

17) Texting is simply not for you. You are easily overwhelmed by too many text messages, or long texts from your best friends. Not going to make the mistake of opening THAT again.

blog chandler

18) If a nap is not an option, you sometimes enjoy  over-eating also.

19) When people criticize you, you pretend it doesn’t bother you but definitely think about it in the shower or in bed later.

20) You have a nervous rash that appears on your chest and face that all of your friends know too well.

21) Yet, going for a drive six towns over, music, and cute babies or pets on the internet always seem to calm you down and keep you going.

blog funny baby


Kailey Klempner, BA


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