Wide Eyed Twenty Somethings

“Twenty Something: (Term/Adjective): A person in the age range between 20 and 29.”

Recently, I have read a few headlines about Twenty Somethings such as, “Twenty Somethings Can’t Seem to Leave The Nest” and, “Things Twenty Somethings Need to Stop Worrying About Now”. It seems that not only are WE stressed out about our futures, but so is everybody else (Ok well some people genuinely care).

So why is this particular age range the topic of every conversation?

Could it be because more of us have Netflix accounts than LinkedIn.

Is it due to the fact that we feel more connected to our phones than the people in front of us.

Is it because we are overqualified, overeducated, and underpaid at our part-time reality.

Our Communications degree is irrelevant to future employers-It’s great to be a Laurier Goldenhawk Business student.

Wait all those late nights spent writing essays (next 8 tracks playlist please) were to be qualified to serve coffee?

Maybe it’s because we like Game of Thrones better than actual people.

blog plans tonight

Or with OSAP loan payback looming, we still allow ourselves to order that half-sweet pumpkin spice latte because we’re basic yay fall.

We secretly want Jax Teller‘s bike more than we want to pay our bills.

We take selfies to feel like Queen B bow down bitches beautiful.

We can recite more pop culture quotes you can’t sit with us  than those of distinguished academics.

On Social Media we are (well can be) optimistic, but “Magnum P.I. couldn’t solve the shit going on in our heads”


Because we are spending more than we have “Visa Please”.

And we have the new Steve Maddens nothing to show for it.

So who lied?

All the people who told you there was something remarkably special about you that gave you the attitude that employers will find you, while you sift through Buzzfeed articles.

Maybe your elementary school teachers. My particular school had a saying with a corresponding tacky inspiring wall mural. Tec South’s phrase was, “Reach for the Stars”. Well the same school who thought our mascot could be “Spirit”, set us up from day one with immeasurable standards because sorry T-South, the closest star is 4.24 light years away.

blog reach for the stars

So we have impossible standards with no way to reach them leaving us with massive headaches.

We want to do well, but we sabotage ourselves.

If we spent as much time handing out resumes as we do crushing a season of True Blood (it’s really good btw) maybe our head would be clearer.

Then again, probably not.

You still have bills, unexpected expenses, family, friends, boyfriend/single girl probz.

Our bed is better to us than the cruel dark world.

blog but I don't want to go outside

A wide eyed twenty something quickly turns into a bitter, pessimistic PMSing twenty something.

blog pms scene

Look familiar?

A wide- eyed twenty something goes into the world a little unprepared, with unrealistic expectations. Our hopes and dreams are to be Batman, Carrie Bradshaw, that blonde sports announcer that never seems to fit in with the panel of boys, successful, happy. I personally am going to try to remember that when I’m lying in bed trying to decide what job to apply for next or making the next twenty-something’s pumpkin spice latte.

Kailey Klempner, BA.

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